String quartet ‘Gravitation’ welcomes you!

‘Gravitation’ is a project with a classical line up of a string quartet (2 violins, a viola and a cello) concentrated on various genres and styles of modern show business. Our band is an eclectic mixture of elegance, sophistication and spectacularity. It brings together wonderful artists and musicians who professionally play classical and electronic instruments.

Combining all the colors of the rainbow, the quartet unites different genres and styles in their art.

‘Gravitation’ will become an essential part of any venue: an exhibition, a presentation, a corporate party, a guest reception, private and business parties, a standing buffet, a banquette, a jubilee, birthdays, New Year, March 8th, a wedding and an on-site wedding ceremony, a show program or a concert.

The quartet has a huge experience in serving at various events: Song of the Year 2006, Car of the Year 2007, radio broadcasting, project “Keys from Temptation” (1+1 channel), shooting at series “Force of gravity” (channel 1+1) and “An ex” (Novy channel), “A Miracle” (Channel Inter), “In-Laws” season 6, performance at exhibits and presentations, participation in the contest “Ukraine has got talent”, events for children, charity concerts and a great number of corporate parties.

String quartet ‘Gravitation’ collaborates with major companies of the CIS, Europe and America. Member of the group managed to perform on many world stages: Turkey (Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Istanbul), Israel (Tel –Aviv, Haifa, Nahariya, Maalot), Cyprus, India, Bulgaria (Sofia), Poland (Poznan, Warsaw), Czech Republic (Brno), Germany (Stuttgart , Frankfurt), Italy (Milan, Bologna), Spain (Bilbao, Madrid), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Croatia (Zagreb), Serbia, Sweden (Stockholm), Belarus(Minsk), Russia (Moscow, Kazan), Brazil (São Paulo), Mexico, the USA (Chicago, San-Francisco, San-Diego), Australia (Melbourne), New Zealand (Oakland), South Korea (Seoul, Daegu), Thailand (Bangkok), Japan (Tokyo), China (Dalian, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Suzhou, Hangzhou).


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